MyPkHost is proud to announce the latest services improvement update; a groundbreaking, jawdropping, and significant innovation in the budget VPS & dedicated server hosting industry.

We are a ColoCrossing exclusive provider for all of their available locations across the United States. Being one of their largest bulk resellers, we are able to offer our clients with the cheapest rates available for ColoCrossing hosted dedicated servers and services. Their most recent accomplishment was a launch of DDoS Protection Services in their enterprise Buffalo, New York data center. DDoS Protection is available for all servers hosted in their Buffalo network.

We understand th at in this day and age, DDoS attacks are amongst the toughest threats facing web hosting providers, webmasters, and website owners alike. Mission-critical and revenue-driven websites are crucial to remain online at all times, and an abrupt, unfortunate DDoS attack impeding on that uptime could mean financial disaster. And not everyone can afford enterprise DDoS protection services, especially in the U.S East Coast where prices from most providers are beyond what should be reasonable.

We are here to change that by providing launching our VERY OWN DDoS Protected VPS Product Line, with monthly prices starting at only $7.50 per month. When you purchase a DDoS Protected VPS from us, not only is your primary IP address protected, but all the IP addresses assigned to your virtual server are as well -- from all types of DDoS attacks. None of that "Pay per DDoS Protected IP" nonsense happens here. All IP addresses (Additional IPs for only $1.50/month each) are 100% protected against DDoS attacks up to an impressive 100GBPS (Gigabits per second).

Our sales team is currently working on perfecting the product line on our website and creating order links for tonight's presale. The presale period will be three days and customers will be eligible to save an (undisclosed; it will be a surprise!) substantial discount when paying on semi-yearly and yearly billing terms.

We will be sending out another email tonight with updates on the pre sale promotions and pre sale ordering information. If you have any questions, please contact us through our support ticket helpde sk and we will always be more than happy to help!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

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