This is an email to remind you that due to a recently introduced ICANN domain policy update, the costs of providing the Domain Privacy Protection Service (PPS) will now be subject to a charge of $3.00 per domain name per annum.

This change will take effect on the 11th May 2015, and will be applied to new and renewed domain names. Whilst price increases are never welcome, this change could provide a new revenue stream for your business. We believe there is potential to charge your customers between $5.00 and $11.00 for this service.

The table below shows the pricing of PPS packages from global domain registrars:

GoDaddy Enom Network Solutions Register.com
$7.99 $6.00 $9.99 $11.00

The main details of the changes are listed below:

•    Charges will only apply to domains with PPS registered or renewed after 11.00AM BST on 11th May 2015, domains registered with PPS or renewed before this date will not be charged should they enable PPS.

•    When your existing domains with PPS are renewed, you will be notified of changes in the price of PPS, and given the option to enable/disable the service within your control panel.

•    Any existing domains without PPS may add the service before 11th May 2015 without charge.

The benefits of PPS are as follows:

•    Details will be hidden from the public WHOIS database.

•    Your customers’ details will be kept private, protecting them against spam and junk mail.

For instructions on how to set up the price of the service for your customers please click here.

With new gTLD releases scheduled over the year ahead, the volume of domain registrations is set to continue to grow. The introduction of a paid-for PPS package will enable you to maximise your revenue as a domain reseller.

Should you have any questions about the upcoming charges, please do not hesitate to contact us here. If you require help in notifying your customers of these charges, you can download an email template to send out to them by clicking here.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

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