Valued Clients,

We are performing emergency IPv4 swaps for all IPv4 addresses in our Amsterdam location beginning with 194.

The IP addresses affected are all IP addresses under the /24 subnet "".

New IP addresses will be allocated from our legacy (early registration) ARIN subnet that we have announced to Amsterdam to PhoenixNap's AS. This IP subnet is These IP addresses will geolocate to a US location HOWEVER they are ROUTED to our Amsterdam network without any additional latency. This can be verified by performing a traceroute to the IP address allocated to your Hosting Accounts.

This procedure is being done as an emergency measure as we are unable to further maintain our 194.x IP addresses. As soon as this email is sent, we will immediately begin replacing IP addresses. If you have a 194.x IP address, any 194.x IP addresses that you have will be swapped with a 162.x IP address and your virtual server will be rebooted upon completion of IP address reassignment.
Name Server Ip,s Has Been Changed


We understand the inconveniences that this may cause and we deeply apologize that it has come to this. We are willing to provide adequate compensation for clients who experience inconveniences from this unfortunate IP swap. To claim compensation credit, please submit a ticket to our management department using the MyPkHost client area.

Thank you for your understanding.


MyPkHost NOC

Saturday, January 17, 2015

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